Changing Times Revisited

   In June I wrote about a piece I had made and gave to my daughter as a housewarming present. This piece now hangs in her dining room and when I go over to visit I catch myself staring at it as if I am willing it to give me some answers to questions I have in my life. It hangs there silent and I look at the chaotic design of it and recognize it for what it is: a reflection of the confusion I sometimes feel a bit overwhelmed by. It seems to me it is all about struggling to find your spot, where you fit. You take many dead end paths searching for your spot. If you are lucky, you find it.

   When I started this piece many conflicting thoughts and emotions were going through my mind. My mother had recently passed, I felt too old for my job and I was adrift. I had pieces of wool and silk I had cut from used clothing and I loved the colors. Before you know it My design wall was telling me where to cut and how to place all those marvelous colors. But I also noticed how chaotic and confusing it all was and kept thinking I have got to find my spot. 

   My daughter came to visit and informed me I was making this piece for her. I have often wondered if she saw her emotional lost mother in this work. I am not sure I like this piece, it reminds me of places I do not want to go. It hangs in the dining room and it is silent. I wonder what it ever says.2014-08-16 16.52.16 

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  1. Robin West said:

    Arlinda- I fully understand as I did a piece when I was going through similar life changes. I do like this piece. Remember to just enjoy it as I am sure your daughter does.

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