My creative life has died. Health problems, family problems work load have gotten in the way and are taking up my time, my world. I find myself unable to have even one creative thought most of the time. Instead I procrastinate in my personal life, I find myself mindlessly watching tv or just sitting doing nothing.

This morning the word “why” came into focus. Specifically, why do politicians now use the word homeland instead of saying United States when talking about our country. I find the use of homeland distasteful, bordering on offensive. It reminds me of fascism though I am not sure WHY.

The first time I came across a politician using the word homeland was when George Bush, the younger, was president. I was working as an executive assistant to an emergency management planner for fourteen counties and a form letter was sent out describing evil among us and threats to the homeland. It reminded me of being taught about Hitler. I am not comparing former President Bush to Hitler, but the wording caught my attention. I found it unsettling.

Unfortunately, it seems to have caught on. Politicians have latched onto it, the media uses it, and even the people I work with have incorporated it. What is wrong with saying United States? It has such a warm sounding, unifying ring to it. Maybe the reason why we don’t say United States is because we don’t seem to be very unified in this country these days. We emphasize our differences instead of recognizing our similarities, we seem unwilling to be this United States. Why?

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  1. inga32 said:

    I can’t reply to the political part of your question but to the emotional aspect I can say this… It will all come back. All of us lose our creativity, have a block, feel over worked and quite honestly TV is easier than writing especially when your already not feeling creative. But, tomorrow is a new day and with it comes a fresh start. I hope for you a wonderful day filled with many creative thoughts!

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